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Messing around with watercolor pencils. Touched up with Clip Studio Paint.

I swear I’m working on finished things…

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Brainstorming – 360º video

So 360-video is a thing now, and of course, I only heard about it because they did one with Broadway shows. Seriously, go watch it, it’s amazing.

So I was thinking about things they should use this for.

I think it would really improve those “Live for TV” musical things that NBC does if they did them this way. They need something to make them more special. I’ve never felt any reason to watch them… I don’t see the point of doing it live.

Another thing someone should do is make a puzzle with one of these, like a mystery, and you have to move around in the video to figure it out.

I don’t know, these are probably not new ideas, but they still would be interesting to see…



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Art Post nº 2


I’m very happy with the way that one came out. I should add more of a background, though.

And I drew some SD style fan things. Not sure if I like them. I’m not sure if I’ll try to do more in that style…



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Between Japan and Elsewhere…

Kodansha recently announced an anthology featuring North American artists doing original Attack on Titan stories. This attempt to work with creatives outside of Japan together with anime material and creators is really interesting…

I just wish it weren’t Attack on Titan.

I know that in anime, like in all other media nowadays, the gritty, violent things are what people like. But the reason I stick to anime is for the light, fluffy things (like Love Live, Cardcaptor Sakura), or at least the shiny, beautiful, sometimes-serious-but-not-always, and still not that violent things (K, Geass, etc.).

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.20.48 AM

I consider myself to be waiting and preparing for the rest of everyone to get tired of the Titans/Ghouls/Game of Thrones/first-person-shooters/zombies, and so on. Right now, almost everything is that, (except Love Live), and my tastes are completely not that, but trends come and go, and people will have to get sick of all the violence at some point. So I’ll be ready when they do.

And the potential for collaboration between anime and manga producers and artists from outside of Japan is a great thing. So that’s good.

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img019s img021-2

So I started working with digital. I’m using Clip Studio Paint. It has paint features like SAI, but I’m on a mac now, so I got this because it’s mac-friendly. It’s actually a lot easier than I thought. I mean, my pictures aren’t that good yet, but I’m practicing…

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Love Live SchoFes


I think I overdid it on Medley Festival 8 and got burnt out. I was going to go all-out and try to get the second scouting ticket, but at least I can say I got the first one the first time they offered it.


Have to love those supermassive combos, though.

And afterwards, I hustled for pink seals with friend points, got a blue coupon, and managed to get…


This idolized. Yay~

Plus, I really love the two new songs. They make up for that last single.

And as for English? I am so far behind on the new score match, but I really want this T2 card. So I’ll try my best…

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Cardcaptor Sakura!


One of the best classic anime series is available again, streaming on Crunchyroll.

Cardcaptor Sakura is a really adorable magical girl series by CLAMP. It’s definitely worth checking out. I like the manga better than the anime, but both are nice~ The manga is also available in new editions.

Lots of stuff from this series is coming back – a bunch of new figures are also being made recently. I have to wonder, though… Sakura has more costumes than anyone, so why are the figures all the same one? It seems like a missed opportunity. I got the Ichiban Kuji prize figure, and I preordered the Nendoroid, but other than that, I’m not getting any of them unless they make her other outfits ^_^;


This is the Ichiban Kuji prize figure. Ichiban Kuji is a thing where you buy a ticket and open it, and it has a letter for a prize lottery, with the A prize being the nicest/biggest and the others being smaller. This was the A prize for the recent Cardcaptor Sakura set. They’ve also had Code Black in Ashford, and Kuroshitsuji sets recently. I tried the CBIA one when I was in Japan… I got a “magazine” with interviews with the bands. It’s cute.


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The Holidays~


I love the holiday season~ It gives me an excuse to put sparkly decorations on everything ^_^

But seriously, there’s a reason why many different societies have some sort of festival around this time of the year – people need a bit of cheer as they head from the summer and fall into the colder months. This was especially true back when the cold of winter meant a very real threat to their lives. But even in modern times, for people who aren’t actually at a great risk of freezing to death, it can be very worthwhile to take a moment to just be happy and enjoy things.

Focus on the parts of the holiday season that make you happy. Whether that’s decorating, baking, the sights and sounds and smells… and just enjoy it~

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Some New Watercolors.

img035 img036


… I promise I’ll do something other than Code Geass fanart soon.


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Zero, Mecha, Terror, and Supernatural Contracts… not what you think!

Anime I’m watching for the Summer season:

Terror in Resonance




Black Butler: Book of Circus (and I can’t get enough of the opening)


They’re too different to compare them, I think, so I can’t say which is my favorite out of the three. It’s wonderful getting to see more Kuroshitsuji being animated.

I’m still mostly focused on Code Geass, though. I wonder if I’m only drawn to series that have something in common with it…? If that were true, though, I’d probably still be watching Argevollen, which I’m not.


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