Cardcaptor Sakura!


One of the best classic anime series is available again, streaming on Crunchyroll.

Cardcaptor Sakura is a really adorable magical girl series by CLAMP. It’s definitely worth checking out. I like the manga better than the anime, but both are nice~ The manga is also available in new editions.

Lots of stuff from this series is coming back – a bunch of new figures are also being made recently. I have to wonder, though… Sakura has more costumes¬†than anyone, so why are the figures all the same one? It seems like a missed opportunity. I got the Ichiban Kuji prize figure, and I preordered the Nendoroid, but other than that, I’m not getting any of them unless they make her other outfits ^_^;


This is the Ichiban Kuji prize figure. Ichiban Kuji is a thing where you buy a ticket and open it, and it has a letter for a prize lottery, with the A prize being the nicest/biggest and the others being smaller. This was the A prize for the recent Cardcaptor Sakura set. They’ve also had Code Black in Ashford, and Kuroshitsuji sets recently. I tried the CBIA one when I was in Japan… I got a “magazine” with interviews with the bands. It’s cute.


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The Holidays~


I love the holiday season~ It gives me an excuse to put sparkly decorations on everything ^_^

But seriously, there’s a reason why many different societies have some sort of festival around this time of the year – people need a bit of cheer as they head from the summer and fall into the colder months. This was especially true back when the cold of winter meant a very real threat to their lives. But even in modern times, for people who aren’t actually at a great risk of freezing to death, it can be very worthwhile to take a moment to just be happy and enjoy things.

Focus on the parts of the holiday season that make you happy. Whether that’s decorating, baking, the sights and sounds and smells… and just enjoy it~

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Some New Watercolors.

img035 img036


… I promise I’ll do something other than Code Geass fanart soon.


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Zero, Mecha, Terror, and Supernatural Contracts… not what you think!

Anime I’m watching for the Summer season:

Terror in Resonance




Black Butler: Book of Circus (and I can’t get enough of the opening)


They’re too different to compare them, I think, so I can’t say which is my favorite out of the three. It’s wonderful getting to see more Kuroshitsuji being animated.

I’m still mostly focused on Code Geass, though. I wonder if I’m only drawn to series that have something in common with it…? If that were true, though, I’d probably still be watching Argevollen, which I’m not.


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Spring Anime 2014 So Far

So far this season, I’m still continuing with four series that I’ve started. I’ve dropped Chaika and The World is Still Beautiful.


Both of those are things I just started watching because the main characters were princesses, and both turned out to be horribly derivative and boring. Actually, I started watching Chaika because it’s from the same author as two of my favorite things ever, Scrapped Princess and Outbreak Company. Chaika just ended up being a boring copy of Scrapped Princess. The character’s aren’t nearly as interesting, the story doesn’t feel like it’s put together very well. Overall, you’re better off trying to track down a copy of Scrapped Princess than watching Chaika. Unfortunately, Scrapped Princess is one of the things left in limbo after Bandai Entertainment shut down. I thought it was one of the things Sentai picked up at Otakon, but I just checked and apparently it’s not.

Also, the main character, Toru, has a more extreme version of that bizarre bangs style that seems to be popular nowadays. The main character in irregular at magic high school also has that, as well as Shiro from K (but Shiro is perfect so he gets a pass). It’s just… weird.


TWISB feels derivative of a lot of things. The main plot isn’t as original as some people seem to think. Just within anime and manga, Dawn of the Arcana and Story of Saiunkoku did it better, and I’m sure it’s historically been done billions of times. A girl has to marry a king and ends up having to reform him in some way? Sounds like Scheherazade, basically. Anyway, the main characters in TWISB all seem really derivative. For any of them, several other characters who are better versions of their “type” come to mind, most notably Ciel Phantomhive for Livius. I think I decided I was done somewhere during the explanation of his sad past in episode 3.

I’m still loving Kamigami no Asobi and Love Live, though. Kamigami no Asobi has become one of those shows where I end up watching the episodes over and over again. That’s rare for me. I really like it. I love all of the characters, most of them more than I thought I would. It’s one of those where the one who’s my favorite in the beginning (Baldr, in this case) ends up being just one of my many favorites because the rest of them just keep getting more interesting and lovable as the show continues. I really wish they’d stop teasing and show us Anubis already though. He looks so cute~~

I need to catch up with Captain Earth, and the things on FUNi’s website. FUNi’s simulcasts aren’t as easy to keep track of as the ones on Crunchyroll. Their site just isn’t as user-friendly.


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Captain Earth

I watched the first two episodes of Captain Earth today.

The first one was really interesting, and well done. The second one was pretty good too… but it introduced some elements that can take a show to some really good places, or really bad places. So this seems like the type of show you can’t really rate from the beginning, we’ll have to see where it goes.


The main character and his two friends are all really pretty, though!



I thought this face was cute.



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The du Hammam from Le Palais des Thes

Le Palais des Thes is a French tea brand. I’ve seen their store at 69th street and Columbus many times, but I only recently went in for the first time and bought something.


The store is very nice, They have a lot of different teas Рsome blends and flavored teas, and also a large selection of teas by type. Looking at what they have available, they seem very informative about where the tea comes from and what the classifications are for the tea itself. They have plenty of single-estate and special types of tea. I think that, if you want to learn how tea goes from plant to the leaves in the form that we use, this would be a good brand to look at. They also have nice sample gift sets of several types of tea, by region and things like that.


For now, though, I got a flavored tea, called The du Hammam. According to the website, it’s inspired by Turkish steamed baths and the combinations of fragrances used in those. It has an assortment of floral and fruit flavors. At the store, they had the black tea version as a sample. The original is green tea, and they also have a rooibos version. I got the green tea one.

It is incredibly fragrant. When I opened the canister, I could smell it immediately, and it smells wonderful.


The leaves unfold really nicely when you brew it. The tea is very light in color in the cup. I really love this tea! It tastes a bit spicier than other floral green teas, but still floral. I like that. I tried it plain, but it would probably be good with honey as well. The person in the store said that this tea is also good iced, and it does seem like it would be. Now that it’s getting warmer, I will have to try doing that.


It is sold in prepackaged tins, but you can also get it measured out from the canisters on the wall. I got it like that, and got this nice pink canister to put it in, and it ended up being about the same price. On the website, they encourage you to get the tea in a refill pouch if you already have a canister for it, to be good for the environment. The canisters like the pink one I got are nicer than the prepackaged ones anyway, so it’s definitely a good idea.

The du Hammam at Le Palais des Thes

Have you tried this tea, or others from Le Palais des Thes? Please let me know what you think! Also let me know if you have any particular tea recommendations.

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The World is Still Beautiful


This isn’t exactly what I was expecting… I thought it would be more along the lines of Dawn of the Arcana and SaiMono, other shoujo things about a girl getting put into a political marriage with a king, and plot ensues, etc. This one, well, the heroine is like the ones in those, but mixed with a good heap of Lina Inverse from Slayers. It makes for an interesting twist to that sort of story.


The first episode is a pretty standard first episode. She runs into some thugs and they try to scam her but then in the end, she gets the better of them (unsurprisingly), thereby showing her character. (interesting thing: the taller thug is played by Tetsu Shiratori, who played Lloyd in Code Geass. I recognized his voice instantly.) The art has a quality to it that reminds me of the World Masterpiece Theater things, and I’m not really sure what to make of that aspect of the style. I’d read the summary, but I’d actually forgotten the twist at the end of the episode, so that was a nice surprise.


Also, you can never have enough fancy interiors in anime.


Or fancy boys.


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The Greatest New Anime

There’s a new anime out and it’s about a school full of bishounen gods.





They’re gorgeous, and the backgrounds are too



And the characterization looks interesting so far, too. But wow, it’s gorgeous so far.

And there’s this.


I don’t expect story depth on the level of most things I really really like but wow, this looks good so far. So pretty~


I’ve been excited for this since I heard about the otome game it’s based on, before they even announced the anime. And I’m not disappointed.


(now to finish season 1 of Love Live so I can start season 2 because that looks amazing as well.

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I’ve been using watercolors recently. I decided to pick it up again about a week ago, and I think I’ve made some nice progress.

img020 img022

The Lelouch one was my first thing in watercolor after some basic practice stuff. I finished the Shirley one yesterday. After messing it up and managing to fix it a few times, I’m happy with the way it came out. I used silver gel pen for the trim on Lelouch’s coat, but I’m trying to avoid using that. It’s sort of a crutch, really. The white gel pen is an okay technique I think, though.


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